april 26th, 2019 - june 15th, 2019, vernissage on april 25th at 6pm

a selection of works by artists who have been influenced by the composition and structure of individually created systems

biasi alberto

hulík viktor

kyncl františek

morandini marcello

morellet françois

scaccabarozzi antonio

staudt klaus

svoboda aleš

tornquist jorrit

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december 14th, 2018 - january 26st,  2019 / vernissage on december 13th at 6pm

artistic dialogue through white reliefs of two important artists of German postwar avant-garde


Read more: Oskar Holweck and Klaus Staudt / Reliefs

september 5th, 2018 - october 17th, 2018 / vernissage on october 4th at 6pm

the exhibition devoted to various forms of painting and, above all, to the color that plays a key role in painting


Erben Ulrich

Henderikse Jan

Mack Heinz

Rainer Arnulf

Rajlich Tomas

Tornquist Jorrit

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bernard aubertin, jan henderikse, tomas rajlich


april 6th, 2018 - may 18th, 2018 / vernissage on april 5th at 6pm

artistic confrontation of three important protagonists of post-war radical abstraction, which is common use of gold

Read more: a tribute to the gold

december 8th, 2017 - january 13th, 2018 / vernissage on december 7th at 6pm

herman de vries is an artist of world-wide importance, who had often contributed to the activities of the zero movement and whose work in recent decades has been devoted to nature and vegetation. the artist himself declares that he is still "zero"

Read more: herman de vries

september 22nd - november 4th, 2017 / vernissage on september 21st at 6pm

The exhibition is dedicated to the phenomenon of white color that has spread to the post-war European scene mainly thanks to the zero movement

atchugarry pablo 

biasi alberto

cacciola enzo

henderikse jan

hilgemann ewerdt

megert christian

rajlich tomas

scaccabarozzi antonio

simeti turi

staudt klaus

zappettini gianfranco

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may 26th - july 7th, 2017 / vernissage on may 25th at 6pm

jan henderikse is a very important artist who was a co-founding member of Dutch group nul and at the exhibition he presents his typical reliefs

Read more: jan henderikse

march 10th, 2017 - april 22nd, 2017 / vernissage on march 9th at 6pm

Exhibition of works by artists listed below is devoted to art resulting approximately a decade later after the revolutionary sixties

milan dobeš

milan grygar

jiří hilmar

jan kotík

radek kratina

jan kubíček

františek kyncl

karel novosad 

tomas rajlich

Read more: the seventies

december 2nd, 2016 - january 14th, 2017 / vernissage on december 1st at 6pm

The exhibition presents a selection of works by artists, who in the sixties belonged to the important and radical movements zero

bernard aubertin

hermann goepfert

jan henderikse

oskar holweck

heinz mack

christian megert

uli pohl

jean tinguely

herman de vries

herbert zangs

Read more: zero . 0 . nul

september 16th - october 22nd, 2016 / vernissage on september 15th at 6pm

collection of works by bellow listed artists reminds the revolutionary sixties and their importance for the further development of our art

hugo demartini

milan dobeš 

milan grygar 

jiří hilmar 

josef istler 

jan koblasa

jiří kolář

stanislav kolíbal 

jan kotík

karel malich

vladislav mirvald 

aleš veselý

Read more: the sixties

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